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HTTPS vs HTTP: A Guide to Securing A Website

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Google continues to push sites to switch to HTTPS. Since July 2018, they have incorporated the Google Chrome browser to assist in this. All HTTP sites are now clearly marked as “insecure” to anyone searching the web. Beyond the move as a safety measure, consider the following: If you keep your website as an HTTP link, then it is already marked as unsafe by one of the largest browsers out there, potentially turning away viewers. It’s for a good reason, too.


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as HTTP) allows linking and browsing on your website. The protocol’s primary use is to communicate between both the users on the website and the web servers. This technology has been used as a building block for not only online websites but also large and vast multi-input networks and systems like the internet. HTTP has been used for years now as a fast and easy solution, but now it has become extremely unreliable. Hackers have made using HTTP websites dangerous, as data can easily be converted and altered for their benefit and your disadvantage. A major drawback of an unprotected website is the possibility of your content or ads being replaced or altered for another company’s gain. Another issue is that hackers can gain access to sensitive information; even the people in your website’s user base can have their personal information breached.

Why move to HTTPS? The main purpose for an HTTPS website is its security and assisting in the prevention of easy access for online intruders and digital hackers. This is done by preventing possible attackers from affecting the communications between the online user, their browser, and your website.

Why does Google use HTTPS? Most websites that have used HTTPS provide a huge advantage to their site (and their users) for protecting confidential information like banking and government-owned websites. It’s all done by encrypting your website’s available data and making it impossible to read without going through several security measures. This is all done using an SSL, or secure sockets layer, certificate.

How Do You Switch to HTTPS?

To get your website moving toward a safer future, you should opt to obtain an SSL certificate and implement it on your website server. There are several steps involved in migrating an HTTP site to an HTTPS site, including making sure there are no mixed-content errors (ex: some internal coding and images may still be using an HTTP link, which will need to be updated), to setting up 301 redirects coding in your .htaccess file. This snippet of code will redirect those who saved your previous HTTP URL to the new and improved HTTPS one. If you are not familiar with the technicalities of making the migration, it is recommended you hire a professional to make this important update to your website.

Once you have migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, browsers will recognize that your site is safe to peruse, and visitors will see the green padlock symbol, which assures them that your website is safe to browse. You can then grant yourself some peace of mind, knowing the users of your website have a safer overall experience.

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