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Increase Your Customer Base and Sales with Instagram Marketing

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Instagram marketing can be beneficial for your business. One reason this social media mammoth is worth looking into is that over a billion people use Instagram every month. Aside from the number of users, it can offer your business many other benefits.

1. It Is Centered on Storytelling

Everybody loves stories! We grow up with fairy tales, get excited over celebrity news, and admire people with a natural gift for acting. It is part of human nature. From a business perspective, telling a story is an effective way to establish an emotional connection with your viewers.

Sharing stories and videos is a good way to let your viewers know what your company is about. A customer-oriented strategy has long been the standard over a product-centric one in business marketing. Creating stories rather than solely pushing products and services can get more responses for your brand. It will create a positive impact from visibility to sales and loyalty.

2. Visual Content Is Important in Business Marketing

Instagram is a visual platform, so not only do you have the option of plain text posts, but you can also add pictures and videos as well, and you should. Aside from storytelling, Instagram is popular for images. The best way to use Instagram for business is to post visual content, which is a great way to promote your products and services. Pictures are more memorable and more likely to draw attention than text. It engages more people to inquire and leave feedback.

3. You’ll Learn What People Like

Instagram also has very useful analytics. It is a great way to discover what people like and keep up with current trends. You can build a connection with people who share the same or similar interests as you.

Using Instagram is also a good way to check in on your competitors. See what they are doing and which businesses are a success, then improve on that for your business.

4. It Funnels Your Other Marketing Channels

As you use the platform, you’ll learn more about how to market on Instagram. One of its main benefits is that the content you create can be easily shared across all of your different channels. On the Settings page, you can enable sharing to Twitter and Facebook. This will help your business get more exposure.

It can also be used in your email marketing campaigns. You can integrate Instagram into your photo library and easily access them when you are ready to send your emails.
Another nice Instagram feature is the Contact button, which allows you to include your website link, phone number, and email address.

5. It Suits All Types of Businesses

Any business, big or small, well-known or just starting out, can thrive on Instagram because it is so cost effective. The platform also provides many ways to interact and get creative with your audience, which makes marketing easier and much more exciting. You can readily create videos, pictures, shout outs, contests, polls, and more, which can help boost your sales.

6. It’s a Goldmine of Helpful Feedback

As a smart business owner, you want to keep track of your mentions on blogs, forums, and social media. Instagram users often post pictures of products that they buy and mention the brand, along with some commentary. These are helpful in advertising and in getting feedback. It will help you understand better how people perceive your brand and make adjustments where necessary.
Use Instagram for business to get more followers and sales! As one of the most advanced social media platforms on the internet, you have everything to gain.

Hire a social media manager who can oversee your online activity and make active and engaging posts. At Advanced Digital Media Services, our team specializes in implementing the best strategies that ensure business growth!

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