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Logo Design and the Impact of Colors, Shapes, Fonts, and Lines

Logo Design and the Impact of Colors, Shapes, Fonts, and Lines

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Logo designers do not get nearly enough credit for the impact of their work in the marketing and advertising industry. However, as logo designers, one must consider a number of aspects before ending up with a final design. The fact remains that logo design involves a tremendous amount of thinking, since the aim is to please the human senses. You might say that logo designers are psychologists of a sort as well.

Understanding How People React to Certain Designs

Since it is all about psychology, people will look at a logo design and naturally insert their own prejudices with respect to its personal impact. A designer’s mission is to make sure his or her design leaves a solid impression, one that will become memorable in the consumer’s mind. Unfortunately, some designers overlook the psychology behind logo design. The following can serve as a refresher for logo designers looking to stay on top of their game.

The True Psychology of Logo Design

It is important to understand that color, shape, design, style, and fonts all play an important role in a logo’s ability to make a lasting impact on consumers. Of course, no two people in the world will interpret a logo in exactly the same way. Every aspect of a logo’s design will mean something to somebody, so spend time mulling over every aspect to understand what the logo design will mean to the world. This understanding helps a logo designer to impact as many people as possible.

Understanding the Psychology of Colors in Business

Many clients looking to create a logo do not understand the psychology of colors in business. Unfortunately, this can lead to logo design that fails to capture the imagination of its potential consumers. Logo color schemes have always had a special meaning and effect on people. With this in mind, choosing logo color schemes for the pure sake of what the shades might entail may not yield the best results. Color matters, but there must also be sound psychology behind choosing the best colors for a company logo.

1. Blue usually conveys a message of success and confidence. It brings to mind positive emotions for most people. Designers can include this color without fear of evoking negative feelings.

2. Black colors indicate strength and mystery. Brands use black when they want to convey they are powerful and influential in their space. Black also creates feelings of authority.

3. Grey always blends in well with other colors. It can also evoke a slightly cold feeling. Many designers use grey as an alternate color for black. The color also indicates feelings of modest authority. It is also a favorite for a plethora of business card designs.

4. White tends to convey purity along with simplicity. The color also conveys innocence and perfection. It is always good to use white with other colors to reflect the right balance of brand personality.

5. Green brings to mind nature or health. There are usually a wide range of emotions that green colors can evoke. Green also associates well with companies that provide safety and financial products and information. You will usually find companies focused on sports, camping gear, food, IT companies, and health companies with green colors in their logos.

6. The human mind and eyes tend to process yellow quicker than any other color. This is why danger signs use yellow as a base color. Yellow also conveys happiness, mirth, and joyous occasions.
7. Whenever logo designers want to evoke colors of aggression, red is usually the choice. Young customers respond well to red colors.

8. Like green, brown evokes feelings of earthiness. Brown also inspires feelings of harmony and simplicity. Logo designers use brown when they want a brand to convey responsible and serious traits. These colors find their place in real estate and legal logos.

Shapes can also impact logo design. Consider ellipses, circles, and ovals. Circles suggest community, love, and relationships. Rings tend to implicate partnerships and relationships as well. Curves can bring feminine qualities to mind. Lines can also have a major impact on logo design as well. There are vertical, horizontal, square, and rectangle lines that can have different impacts.

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