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Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

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Social media, as a whole, is now one of the best marketing platforms for all types of businesses. While other marketing strategies are costly, this one is free and may bring you higher profits!

A Facebook business page, when optimized properly using white hat SEO, can maximize conversions. It can become your second home page for your business online. You want to keep your Facebook page interesting to increase brand awareness and your customer base. No one wants to see all images or all text on your Facebook page, so mix them up. See some of the best Facebook page optimization tips below:

1. Select the Right Name

It’s very important to have the right name for your Facebook page. The first few words on your Facebook page title are the most significant for Google. Stuffing the title with generic keywords will not work, and you can be penalized. Choose a name that best represents your business and shows its personality. It’s best to use or include your brand name.

2. Pay Attention to the About Us Section

People checking your Facebook business page will want to know more about your company. They are after the products and services you offer, your location, contact number, business hours, and more. The About Us section is the best place to emphasize this information.

Similarly, you should create a meta description, not exceeding 160 characters, to be used as a snippet. This will help your Facebook page rank in SERPs.

Also, pick the right category for your business. Are you an organization or institution? Do you offer products and services? Are you a public figure? These are just some of the options to choose from when selecting a category.

3. Optimize Your Posts or Updates

The first few characters of your Facebook post serve as the meta tags in SERPs. Facebook page optimization should include the posting of relevant content, photos, links, or a combination of these.

Here are three different ways you can post a status to your Facebook page.

  • Status update with a link: When you type in a URL on your timeline, Facebook will pull in available images and headlines from the linked page. The URL text, images, and title will all become a clickable link. Make it more interesting by adding a little context or a question to stimulate engagement.
  • Facebook photo, with link in caption: This strategy is more effective in catching people’s attention. Add a link to the status with a short blurb or description. You can also repurpose your pinned images on Pinterest here!
  • Text-only status updates: There are still people that prefer a text-only status update. This type of posting is almost always informative.

Test each one and see which will get you the best results in driving traffic to your website.

You also have to keep your posts relevant and fresh. If not, you won’t guide or entice visitors to buy your products or book your services. If there isn’t anything on your page that is interesting, return visits are nearly impossible.

4. Use Facebook’s New Features

Facebook is constantly updating its tools and features, which makes running a business page easier. To keep your Facebook page well-optimized for SEO, be sure that you keep an eye out for any new features and use them.

One of the best examples is the Call to Action button on a Facebook page. This allows consumers to interact with you easily. There are 7 types of actions to choose from. Choose one that is the most appropriate for your business:

  • Contact Us
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Shop Now
  • Use App
  • Watch Video
  • Play Game

5. Add Keywords to Your Facebook Page Strategically

The use of optimized keywords remains crucial in social media posting. Place your targeted keywords in the most important parts of your Facebook page. Include them in the About Us section, page title, and URL (if possible) to make them visible on the front page and in search results. Still, remember not to overdo it. Mention them naturally in the proper context.

Facebook page optimization takes time, and the businesses that win are the ones willing to invest in understanding how their audience navigates the Internet. With the help of our social media experts, you can relax while watching the growth of your business Facebook page. Contact us today for a consultation.

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