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Repurposing Old Blog Posts to Improve SEO

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Do You Really Need to Bother with Old Content?

It is often said that change is the only real constant in life. This is especially true in the world of SEO, or search engine optimization. Take for example Google, which changes its SEO algorithm about 500 to 600 times per year. An SEO algorithm determines where your page shows up in the search results page. These search engines love websites with a history of fresh and quality content. As such, your content always needs to be fresh and relevant to your consumers.

To do this, you could either come up with new content or repurpose your old content. The first method could take up more of your time and energy. Remember, the algorithm changes fast, so your content marketing should be just as fast, or even faster. The better way would be a blog update. You already have content through old blog posts. All you have to do is to breathe new life into them by updating them regularly.

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to the question. This depends on what type of blog you are running. A good practice would be to set a regular schedule of posting new or updated content and sticking to it. For example, you can schedule posts at least once a week to make sure that your readers don’t forget that you exist. However, we strongly suggest that you focus on quality rather than quantity. This means that you do not need to spam your website with lots of new posts weekly. What you need to do is to ensure that your posts are always accurate and relevant.

How Do You Know Which Posts to Update?

Since you’ve probably accumulated a good number of blog posts on your site already, updating all of them would be a taxing job, and that’s not even mentioning the amount of time you would need to spend. This is why we strongly suggest that you check which of your current content brings more traffic to your website. These are the old posts you would want to update to make sure that they continue to deliver on much-needed website traffic. Additionally, you can check the top results on search engines and update your content to become more competitive against other sites.

Tips on Updating Your Old Blog Posts

Proofread Your Old Posts

Probably the simplest way of updating your old posts is to reread them and rid them of spelling and grammatical errors. This will help improve the quality of your content and make your site look more professional.

Check for New Trends and Facts

There are two main reasons why you would want to do this. First, you have to verify that your content remains relevant to your reader. Since you’ve written that post, trends have probably changed. Update your post to incorporate these new trends to make sure that it still appeals to your readers.

Second, the information you have on your old post might be outdated. Your posts should always contain accurate information. Otherwise, people who view your content and see outdated information might think that you don’t care about delivering reputable information to your readers, which might end up in losing potential consumers.

Update Your Keywords

Your post may no longer be optimized for SEO, leading to a loss of website traffic in the process. Remedy this by updating your keywords. These keywords are essential because they dictate whether users will find your posts in search results or not. Still, be careful that your keywords are added naturally. Stuffing a post with too many keywords and forcing them to fit might turn off your readers instead.

Update Your Links

You might also want to check the contents you linked in your old posts and scrap those that are no longer accurate and working. This ensures that you only link the most relevant and accurate content on your posts. Additionally, you can also add links from your own content, encouraging the reader to discover and explore your site more.

These are just a few tips on updating your old blog posts. Remember, updating your content ensures that you have fresh and relevant content for the consumer. It also helps you adopt new and correct keywords for search engine optimization, bringing more traffic to your website. If you need help with your content, we will be very happy to discuss with you our SEO services. Contact us by filling out the form below.

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