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The Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

The Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

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Social media is one of the largest methods for gaining business and communicating with customers. With the development of modern technology, product display, and personalized communication, providing for most customers has become an accessible and simple process.

Instagram is a video and photo sharing website and mobile app developed by Facebook. By using Instagram for business, you can filter the photos of your products to make them more aesthetically appealing to your target audience. You also can use tags to allow more viewers to see and follow your posts. You can add the locations of your businesses, too!

As a business owner, you must sign up for Instagram if you are looking for a powerful marketing tool to expand your web presence and the visibility of your products and services. The advantages of Instagram for marketing are just too many. If you still need convincing, check the reasons below:

You Get to Connect with a Larger Global Audience

Instagram brings with it over 800 million active users. More than 500 million of them are on the platform on a daily basis. With that many available viewers, there is no limit to the success your business can reach with a dedicated social media strategy.

If your business is completely digital, the “bio” section on the profile page gives an option to add your website link for customers to visit. Through this application, you can drive a lot more traffic to your website.

It Makes Your Marketing More Creative

One of the greatest benefits of Instagram is the creativity it provides. As mentioned earlier, you can go wild coming up with new ways to draw people’s attention. Show the public that your company has a personality. Present a mix of beautiful images, interactive videos, shout outs, and more.

You can offer visually appealing pictures by using fun filters and shots of your store, products, employees, etc. You can use videos to introduce new updates and changes with your brand. Maintaining communication in an artistic way, using an app like Instagram makes younger audiences feel more comfortable being a part of your business’ growth.

Many businesses also use this platform as a way to give special contest announcements or even pick winners for free products. It lets you show a sense of community between the brand and audience.

It Can Tag Your Business Location

The locator for Instagram is useful for businesses, as it is automatically tied to the default map program on the user’s phone. If someone clicks on the locator, it pulls up the map and automatically fills in the address of the business they clicked on. All that is left for the potential customer to do is to key in their current location and press “directions” to start on their way to you.

Mobility Is King

One of the greatest advantages of Instagram over Facebook and Twitter is that it was created to be an app from the start. It isn’t a browser-based site that just developed an app later. Approximately 90% of the time we spend on mobile happens on apps, so more viewers have access to this platform.

Viewers also tend to turn to Instagram because it has a simple and neat appearance on smartphones compared to other social channels, which could be just one reason why the engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than any other social channels.

There are many useful tools that Instagram offers to enhance your business. It’s a versatile app that allows your brand to share its creative side and boost its following along the way. You just have to learn how to use Instagram for business correctly.

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