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Web Design A Better Understanding

Web Design: A Better Understanding

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Everything has gone digital these days. With a few clicks, you can find answers to your questions. A few searches, and you can hire a service, buy an item, or even order a pizza! This accessibility is why the internet has become an essential technology.

The same goes for any business. Selling online has become a trend. Many business owners these days engage with their customers through the internet. If you have a business and are not part of the online community, you miss out on a lot. The internet has the broadest population coverage, and as incredible as it sounds, it only takes a few clicks to spread or find information. Just the same, it takes a few clicks to disseminate the wonders of your products and services.

For business owners, entering the online world requires getting a website. And this requires a good web design. What is web designing? As the name explains, it refers to the creation of the website displayed over the internet. Compare this to a physical store. Your website is how your store looks inside and out. A client will enter your store if you catch their attention and check your inventory inside if they find something interesting. This metaphor explains the importance of web design – getting attention and keeping them interested.

Designing a website requires a deep understanding of how a website works and how web design plays a big part. There are specific considerations you’ll need to take when designing your website:

1. Content

Your homepage should contain all of the information your customers are seeking. It has to be concise but meaningful. Avoid wordy phrases and avoid clichés. Check your grammar thoroughly. A grammatical error is a big turn-off.

2. Color Palette, Font Style, and Font Color

There are font styles and colors that are not pleasing to the eyes. Customers might easily turn their back by clicking out of your page when they do not like what they see. It’s the same as those with physical stores. Customers may easily leave it if they do not like the first things they see. If the customers do not like what they observe with a website, they more than likely will not come back

3. Navigation

Everyone wants something easy to do. Moving around your website should be effortless; when your customers look for something, they can find it quickly. There should be clickable buttons, page hierarchy, and some rules that would enable them to find anything they need.

4. Loading Speed

A website that takes forever to load is a major turn-off. If your customer’s first visit and your website suddenly freezes up, they can close out of your site with the blink of an eye. Increasing the speed would mean you need to optimize the size of the images and utilize HTML, JavaScript, and others. If these words are unfamiliar, you wouldn’t be able to make a website on your own.

5. Accessible to Mobile

Everyone is mobile now. Smartphones are the handiest gadget we have, and most of the searches are on mobile devices. Besides ensuring your website looks good through a desktop, the same attention should focus on the mobile users. Mobile users now make up a high percentage of customers.

If we look at the whole picture, you have two options in web designing:

  1. Do it on your own by utilizing free website builders available. Several websites are offering templated layouts. Some are for free; some have a nominal cost. However, you’d have to manage your expectations, as, of course, features are only limited.
  2. Hire a professional web designer. Professional web designers work to create a unique website just for you. No templated layouts, no feature limit. Everything should be just as you envisioned it.

The better option is hiring a professional web designer. But you may want to ask: What does a web designer do? A web designer knows how to combine an effectively eye-pleasing font, color palette, and ease of navigation to your website. A web designer also assures that your site is loading fast and sufficient to keep visitors and ensure a responsive web design. What is a responsive web design? Experts use a responsive design to ensure that a website looks good on any device the customer uses.

What’s holding you back in deciding whether to hire an expert or not, most likely, is the cost. Which is more costly, doing it on your own with a high risk of re-designing or hiring a professional web designer who can do the job right the first time? Investing in your business is investing in your website. A poorly designed website could result in low page visits, low rates of time spent on site, higher bounce rates, and the saddest part, low conversions. Do you want your time and efforts to go to waste? Probably not.

We at Advanced Digital Marketing Services, a web design company, have mastered the art of web design through acquired skills and remarkable experience. We have on board the best web designers who can help you every step of the way. Our web designers assure that your website is fully functioning, catering to all your client’s needs with one goal in mind: generate sufficient traffic and convert these into sales. Come and let us design your website together!

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Paul Donahue has been in the digital marketing realm since 2009. He has an intense passion for creating a dynamic digital presence for his clients through modern websites that rank well on Google. His company’s website is Colorado’s top-ranked SEO company. Author of three books published on Amazon, he is particular about staying abreast with the constantly changing SEO and digital marketing industry trends.

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