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What Can You Do to Improve Your Site Ranking?

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The goal of any SEO expert should be to make sure a client’s website is trending toward the top of search results. Higher site ranking translates into more traffic and ultimately higher conversions. It may sound like a high bar to jump over, but the ranking is not impossible.

As a company that provides SEO services, we think there is a high probability that your website and online properties can vastly improve in search engine results. Here are our tips on how to increase website ranking and traffic:

1. Focus on improving the user experience across the entire website.

Google is the largest search engine in the world because they have mastered the elements and terms that determine the best user experience. Everything Google does is to deliver the best results for a user’s query. They know that no one wants to land on a site that is spammy. If your website is low quality, it will greatly affect your site ranking.

2. Your posts should always be relevant and easy to read.

While you can optimize for content, you can also optimize for readability. More people engaging with your content leads to lower bounce rates and the potential for higher organic rankings. To ensure your content is readable, each paragraph should be short, relevant, and effective, containing between three and five sentences. This allows you to develop an idea, provide information, and move the reader to the next piece of information. Fragmented information will cause readers to lose interest.

To improve your site ranking further, revisit your subheadings. People spend little time trying to find out what a paragraph is all about if the subheading is subpar. Effective subheadings can draw the attention of readers down a page. You can also emphasize important points in bold letters.

Bulleted points work well when conveying a large amount of data. Bullets also break up a page and give it a more dynamic look and feel. People tend to expect something rather important when they see bulleted points.

3. Use the white space on your pages more effectively.

This goes for images, too! Web pages with nothing but text can sometimes overwhelm readers. Remember, the moment someone feels overwhelmed, they are no longer dependable readers. You can prevent this by breaking up large chunks of information into readable paragraphs or bulleted points. Just make sure any and all information remains relevant.

4. The wisdom of writing quality content can never be stressed enough.

One of the best SEO tips to improve organic rankings is to write quality content. If your content is bad, your website design will matter little no matter how you optimize it. Keep in mind that effective writing is not just about bullet points or paragraph length. Good writing is about sharing exciting ideas and offering up a compelling story with an effective delivery.

You can also consider focusing on topic clusters as opposed to just keywords. Google’s algorithm continues to evolve. Google wants to understand the user’s intention. Google wants to know what users are looking for and to provide the search results that best matches their intent.

5. Some of the very best web writers tend to write in the inverted pyramid style.

At the top of the inverted pyramid, write in terms of who, what, where, when, and how. The next level down can include important details. The level below that can provide background and general information about your topic. With this method, you are giving away the most valuable and critical information at the top of the article. Less important information follows. Since readers scan content for information, it makes sense to put the most important information where they can see it first.

6. Take time to analyze your page designs and images.

We know that it can be a bit difficult to determine where user experience problems exist. There are several tools like Google Analytics and CrazyEgg that you can use to test the user experience and boost your Google page rank.

7. Website speed should also be a top SEO consideration.

No one in today’s world wants to wait to access information. Speed matters. There are a number of tools you can use to improve your site’s page download speed and site ranking. These tools include Think with Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and PageSpeed Insights.

8. Optimize for voice search.

There are many things your business can do to optimize for voice search as well. Keep an eye on SEO trends. The world is fast approaching the time when more than 50 percent of all online searches will result from voice search. Investing in this technology trend will surely help improve website ranking. Imagine that billions of queries will be activated by devices that are voice-assisted.

Partner today with the best SEO services providers and watch your leads increase and visitors become customers. Our team at Advanced Digital Media Services are always kept abreast of the latest industry updates and marketing trends to ensure customer conversions and growth for your business!

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